Where and how to start with digital CX

Do you know Where and How to Start with Digital CX?

Introducing Synergy Organisational Solutions Digital expertise in the first of a series of articles to help companies navigate and answer these and related questions.

Based on our experience and proven approach, successful Digital CX, follows three simple steps:

  1. Start small, allowing you to manage the implementation and risk.
  2. Measure the impact, providing you with the opportunity to refine and optimise.
  3. Grow your digital presence as yours and your customers confidence grows together.

This is the Synergy approach with projects and is our key recommendation for rapid and robust success in any Digital CX program.

At Synergy we have a pool of experience and hands-on knowledge of the steps that are critical when building out your new or additional Digital CX programs.

Mapping the desired Customer journey, with your brand relevant customer touch points and then applying the most appropriate and cost-effective Digital technology is what we do.

We are the independent technical hub for all things Digital – we have developed an ecosystem and partnerships that are focused on delivering a single point of contact for all technical things Digital within the Customer Experience world, whether this be solution design, insight or resourcing. We are totally focused on emerging and available Digital Customer Service enabling products and associated technologies.  We keep you up to date with the latest innovations, Digital technology today and trends coming down the line.

We focus on four core CX enabling technology areas:

  1. Digital Channels
  2. Digital Analytics
  3. Robotic Process Automation
  4. Cyber Security

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